What is ABA Therapy?

ABA Autism- The Scientific Approach

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) has proven to be effective in reducing problem behaviours exhibited by those with Autsim and other developmental disabilities for over 40 years by empirical evidence.

Behaviour Analysts use data and evidence-based practice to derive conclusions on the possible reasons why a person may present with particular problem behaviors.

The data used to inform decisions is collected by systematic observation from trained behavior analysts and repeated measurements. Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach to understanding behaviour.
What is ABA
What is ABA

Planning and ongoing assessments

A certified behavior analyst (BCBA) will design and oversee the programme. The programmes will be tailored to the indiviudals prefrences, needs, interests, skills and family situation.

The BCBA starts with a detailed assessment of the learners skills and preferences. This is used to write ABA treatment goals.

Treatment goals are based on the age and current ability of the person being treated. Goals will often include skills such as:
  • Motor skills
  • Learning and academic skills
  • Self-care (such as washing, brushing teeth and toileting)
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
Each skill will be broken down into steps and taught by the ABA therapist. The BCBA's and therapists collecting data in each therapy session to measure the progress of the indiviual being treated.

BCBA's will regularly meet with family members and staff to review information and the progress being made.

ABA is deeply rooted in the principles of behaviour such as positive reinforcement. You can find out more about Behaviour Analysts by visiting the Behaviour Analyst Certification Board's (BACB) website

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What our clients say about our
ABA therapy services

What our clients say about us

A well run business with amazing customer service. Professional and knowledgeable, they focus on getting the best outcomes for clients.



What can I say! I am very, very happy with the service I have. I was a bit sceptical about ABA at first because ABA has mixed reviews here in the UK but the team at Unlimited Possibilities ABA are amazing and I felt well supported …



Thank you Shadie for all your services and care. You always tried to go far and beyond to help my child and support me as well in handling her program ...



Thank you Unlimited Possibilities Aba for everything you have done for my family. We are very grateful and will continue to recommend you to others!