Bespoke Skill Aquisition Programmes

We provide skill aquisition programmes designed to help those in need live life successfully and independently

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At Unlimited Possibilities ABA, we work closly with children and young adults who are showing signs of challenging behaviour or other developmental delays. Our bespoke skill aquisition programmes are designed to give them the best possible start in life.

What are Skill Aquisition Programmes?

A Skill Acquisition Programme is a bespoke plan designed by an ABA therapist to help individuals learn valuable life skills that can help them succeed and live independently. This process is also sometimes referred to as ABA Programming.

Skill Acquisition Programmes include the specific skills being taught to the individual, along with the best strategies for teaching it.

Unlimited Possibilities ABA are experienced with working with individuals and creating bespoke skill aquisition programmes suited specifically for the individual.
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ABA life skills
Some core examples of the skills we teach to individuals are the following:
  • Imitation
  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Conversation
  • Early academic skills
  • Motor skills

ABA therapists are not the only people who should know how to write skill aquisition programmes. Parents and guardians can also benefit from this knowledge and experience.

Our ABA professionals can write skill programmes for a range of life skills including things like potty training, brushing teeth, reading, writing, greeting people etc.
If you are interested in learning more about skill aquisition programmes, contact us today about our ABA parent training services.

ABA & Teaching New Skills

If a parent or guardian decides that a Behaviour Analyst is right for your child or young adult, you can ask them to help with basic or more complicated skills rather than concentrating soley on decreasing problem behaviours.

For younger children, a BCBA may focus more on some basic skills, whereas for an older child they might focus more on functional skills such as getting dressed, communicating, cooking food, social skills etc.

Our BCBA's will discuss with you about what you would like to focus on with your child or young adult. This helps to target specific short-term and long-term goals.

It is important to understand that teaching some skills might take a long time. For example, teaching a child to get dressed might be a long-term goal and need to be broken down into many steps. Each step will be tackled one at a time to make sure the goal is achieved and mastered fully by the child.

To learn more about our skill aquisition programmes, contact us today for a friendly chat.
ABA & Teaching New Skills
If you’re looking to support a child or young adult with a skill aquisition programme, then get in touch for a friendly chat and see how we can help you.
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What our clients say about our
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What our clients say about us

A well run business with amazing customer service. Professional and knowledgeable, they focus on getting the best outcomes for clients.



What can I say! I am very, very happy with the service I have. I was a bit sceptical about ABA at first because ABA has mixed reviews here in the UK but the team at Unlimited Possibilities ABA are amazing and I felt well supported …



Thank you Shadie for all your services and care. You always tried to go far and beyond to help my child and support me as well in handling her program ...



Thank you Unlimited Possibilities Aba for everything you have done for my family. We are very grateful and will continue to recommend you to others!



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