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In order to come to determine why a problem behaviour is occurring, a functional behaviour assessment is conducted. This service is particularly useful for children who are displaying severe challenging behaviour.

This assessment consists of interviews with caregivers, direct observations of the learner in the environment where challenging behaviour is likely to occur and if needed systematically arranging the environment in a way that helps to determine what the maintaining variables of the behaviour may be.

A behaviour support plan is then provided to all who interact with the learner (and caregivers) to help reduce problem behaviour across time and increase positive, more adaptive behaviours.


This service is helpful for learners who are missing the core skills needed to live life successfully and independently.

An example of a fudamental skill we target in every programme is communication training. This involves teaching a learner how to effectively request for items and activities using functional communication as opposed to challenging behaviour.



This service is useful for schools seeking expert advice on dealing with challenging behaviour and programming for behaviour reduction. This process involves a functional behaviour assessment and a behaviour support plan being given to school/staff.

The behaviour support plan is provided as a supplement to a series of intensive staff training, in order to develop competency on the behaviour management strategies provided by the Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs).



This service is useful for parents who are currently experiencing challenging behaviour with their children and unsure how to manage them.

Parents may also want training on how to best motivate their child and how to teach important skills.

During each workshop, the BCBAs teach  parents how to implement ABA with their child using the principles of behaviour. They also aim to build fluency on these skills taught and each parent we work with find this very helpful!

To keep costs low, some parents choose this option instead of hiring an ABA Therapist. Although consultations are still charged monthly, this can be helpful in keeping the costs low for parents.



Unlimited Possibilities ABA Ltd can arrange for training on the Zones Of Regulation which is a popular programme used by many schools in the UK.

The Zones of Regulation help children and young adults label and manage their emotions.

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