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We provide therapy aba services for children and young adults diagnosed with autism and other related disorders in the UK.

If you’re searching for ABA therapy near me? then you’ve come to the right place.

At Unlimited Possibilities ABA we provide ABA Services to schools, institutions, families, governments, businesses and organizations.

Our aba therapy services for children and young adults aims to help them reach their full potential in life. We help parents and guardians put together teams of professionals that will provide ongoing support at home, in school and in other settings and circumstances.

Our ABA Parent Training teaches on how to implement ABA with your child or young adult using the principles of behaviour. Parent training helps to build fluency on ABA principles which will also help to support your child's development and growth at home and in other settings.
aba therapy near me
therapy aba
Our Board Certified Behaviour Analyists (BCBAs) are experienced working with children and young adults diagnosed with autism and other developmental delays.

Behaviour Analysts working with Unlimited Possibilities ABA Ltd are trained to have an interactive hands-on approach to their ABA Therapy sessions.

Clients who have worked with the team at Unlimited Possibilities ABA Ltd are happy with the progress their learner makes. Each Behavior Analyst is passionate about their job, reliable and effective.

Our mission for Unlimited Possibilities ABA Ltd is to provide bespoke effective and transformational, evidence-based intervention programs, for children and young adults in need, using the principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA).
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We have ABA Therapists immediately available in the following areas:

- Enfield
- Hackney
- East Sussex
- Staines-Upon-Thames

Maximum of 1hr commute from either of these areas.

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What our clients say about our
ABA therapy services

What our clients say about us

A well run business with amazing customer service. Professional and knowledgeable, they focus on getting the best outcomes for clients.



What can I say! I am very, very happy with the service I have. I was a bit sceptical about ABA at first because ABA has mixed reviews here in the UK but the team at Unlimited Possibilities ABA are amazing and I felt well supported …



Thank you Shadie for all your services and care. You always tried to go far and beyond to help my child and support me as well in handling her program ...



Thank you Unlimited Possibilities Aba for everything you have done for my family. We are very grateful and will continue to recommend you to others!