ABA School Consulting Services

For schools or parents seeking expert advice on dealing with challenging behaviour and programming for behaviour reduction

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At Unlimited Possibilities ABA, we work with schools and institutions to provide advice and ABA support for children showing signs of challenging behaviour, children with autism and children with special needs.
Our experienced Board Certified Behaviour Analysts (BCBA's) can go into the classroom and train classroom staff on how to implement a behaviour plan.
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ABA School Support

Unlimited Possibilities ABA works with schools in the UK to provide Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy (ABA), behavioural assessments,  behaviour support plans and staff or teacher training for children with autism and other special needs.

We understand that our ABA therapists and school staff will need to work closely together to help children reach their full potential in and outside of school. Unlimited Possibilities ABA provides professional intensive behavioural treatment and analysis that is necessary for consistent teaching and behavioural intervention.
ABA school consulting services
ABA school support
Behaviour Support Plans are designed and developed by one of our qualified Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA). Once a plan is in place, it will then be monitored by the BCBA and implemented by a team. The team will usually be teaching staff or special education teachers and other professionals dedicated to the students academic and behavioural gains.

Unlimited Possibilities ABA offers schools the following ABA services:
  • Functional Behaviour Assessment (FBA)
  • Functional Analysis (FA)
  • Positive Behaviour Support Plans
  • Staff Training and Professional Development
Unlimited Possibilities ABA can also arrange for training on the Zones of Regulation which is a popular programme used by many schools in the UK. The Zones of Regulation helps children and young adults label and manage their emotions.

ABA School Services for Parents

When children are at school they spend most of their time away from their primary care provider. Children at school rely heavily on their school teachers and staff to take care of them and their everyday needs. Educators and therapists need to collaborate together to help your child reach their full potential. 

Our in-school therapist services can help ensure your child is set up correctly for reaching their full potential and making sure their needs are met when they are at school.

At Unlimited Possibilities ABA, we visit your child at school and work directly with their teaching staff to help bridge the gap, coach and address any concerns. Our goal is to set everything up and collaborate with educators until we can confidently take ourselves out of the equation with our services no longer required.
ABA autsim school support
If you’re looking for in-school support for a child or young adult, then speak to us today about our ABA school services.

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What our clients say about our
ABA therapy services

What our clients say about us

A well run business with amazing customer service. Professional and knowledgeable, they focus on getting the best outcomes for clients.



What can I say! I am very, very happy with the service I have. I was a bit sceptical about ABA at first because ABA has mixed reviews here in the UK but the team at Unlimited Possibilities ABA are amazing and I felt well supported …



Thank you Shadie for all your services and care. You always tried to go far and beyond to help my child and support me as well in handling her program ...



Thank you Unlimited Possibilities Aba for everything you have done for my family. We are very grateful and will continue to recommend you to others!



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